Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New songs!!!

First off, happy new year to everyone!!!

Over the last two months we've been hard at work on our second full length album. We have 8 songs completed so far. Here's a little description on each one and what you can expect when the album is released later this year.

(These are all working titles as well. You'd have to be there to understand...)

This is the first song we wrote for the album and it is definitely in the style of the first album, Insurrection. Tons of blasts and groove in this one. Reminds me of a steroid infused Chaos AD mixed with old school Morbid Angel.

Another song that would not be out of place on Insurrection. More groove in this song then maybe any other song we've written up to this point.

At 1:04 in length, this song is a punch in the face. Old school grind ala Terrorizer.

"Medice Hat"
Without a doubt the fastest, most technical song we've written. An absolute fuckin' ripper!!!

"Smashing Pissers"
Another real fast grind song with gross dissonance sprinkled throughout.

This one is going to surprise some people. Think Motörhead covering a Kataplexis song.

"Judas Pricks"
Ultra fast death / grind!! Another song that has tons of dissonance and blast beats.

This song has a bit of everything and is definitely the biggest experiment of the album. This song has hardcore, grind, black metal, death and shoegaze. Over 12 minutes in length...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Upcoming Shows!!!

Saturday August 27 
The New Black 
Calgary, AB
Line up:
Blackest Sin

Friday September 23
O'Malleys Pub
Red Deer, AB
Line up:
Sonorous Odium
Awaken The Abstract

Friday October 14
Dickens Pub
Calgary, AB
Line up:
Kataplexis (CGY split release show)
Breathe Knives
Ghetto Hawk

Friday October 21
The Distillery
Calgary, AB
Line up:
Napalm Death
Ides of Winter
Reverend Kill

Saturday October 22
DV8 Lounge
Edmonton, AB
Line up:
Kataplexis (EDM split release show)
Breathe Knives
Deadhead Catastrophe
Prisoner Cinema

Friday, August 12, 2011

First review of the split!!

Kataplexis/Breathe Knives – Split
No List Records

Kataplexis and Breathe Knives work like a tongue that has been split in two – both sides now black, green and very infected and stuck right into your soft pink ear with songs from one another ripping through your wax and tickling your brain. With this ten song release, the bands seem like a match made in heaven's cesspool. It's somewhat uncommon to see many split releases these days, with the recent Toxic Holocaust/Inepsy release being a reminder that it is still a product of interest for fans. Breathe Knives had the challenge here: as a band with programmed drums, the limb flaying chaos of Kataplaxis' rhythmic section is tough to duplicate. They do it well on “False Flag”, which has been given the pressure chamber treatment, adding avenues of depraved swagger to the Kataplexis track. “Steel Cheek vs Ice Cream Teeth” begins with a sample from Factotum about one of Bukowski's lays, "Jan was an excellent fuck...she had a tight pussy and she took it like it was a knife that was killing her.” - if not breathing them, why not? This, and the few other Breathe Knives tracks are music to crash your car by. Starting off innocently enough with a bouncing beat or telephone loop, they become ragged quick, as if the smooth part of the roller coaster has the track cut off. On to Kataplexis - “Fuckin Hostie”, “Rippin' Taco's”, “Cocksmoke”, and “Shitguy”are death/grind crunch that add moments of Andreas Kisser esque riffage into the fray – moving along at a break neck pace and never once slowing down to catch a breath. Although short, these songs have moments of ambiance and melody within the chaos. The Breathe Knives cover,“Rebreather” is particularly moody, with sampled chanting under the wasteland of dead rat floater infested sludge. The track brings to mind the Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Isis cover of “Boris” by the Melvins, and is the shining spot on the split. Both bands are notorious already and this adds to the growing legacy of both. Get it while you can.

Ryan Coke
Absolute Underground Magazine

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tour / Summer Dates, Split News and Video Teasers

Upcoming shows

April 30 / Calgary, AB 
Lord Nelsons 
Kataplexis w/ Sedition Choir and Adverse Reaction

May 13 / Calgary, AB
Verns Tavern
Kataplexis w/ Oh Shit, Galgamex, Desecrate The Gods and Gummers

May 14 / Airdrie, AB
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex

May 15 / TBA

May 16 / Armstrong, BC
The Branding Iron
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex and Xul

May 17 / Prince George, BC
The Knox Church
Kataplexis w/ Vein of Hinnom, Noordvall and Galgamex

May 18 / Williams Lake, BC
The Long House
Kataplexis w/ Embracing Torment and Galgamex

May 20 / Kamloops BC
Pogue Mahones
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex, Bridge Burner and Blood Drunk

May 21 / Vancouver, BC
The Media Club
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex, Nylithia and Xenocide

May 22 / Penticton, BC
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex, Finishymn and Tonight We Burn The Sky

June 18 / Calgary, AB
Lord Nelsons
Kataplexis w/ Akakor, Zuckuss and Golers

July 9 / Salmon Valley, BC
Slammin' In The Salmon Open Air Metalfest
Kataplexis w/ Southern Death Threat, Galgamex, Death Toll Rising, Blood Drunk + Others

Sept 3 / Vancouver, BC
Kataplexis w/ Akakor, Abriosis Galgamex and TBA

*More shows will be announced soon.

Split with Breathe Knives details

1.Fuckin' Hostie
2.Ripping Tacos
5.Rebreather (Breathe Knives cover)

The cover can be viewed on our Facebook profile here:

We will post a song or two in a month or so and announce a release date around the same time.To check out
some footage of the sessions click below.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slammin' In The Salmon Metal Fest / Split news

We are happy to announce our participation in the first Slammin' In The Salmon Metal Fest in Prince George, BC! This line up is pretty stacked with some of western Canada's finest including Death Toll Rising, Blood Drunk and Galgamex to name a few. Ticket information is available over at the Facebook event page which can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=167480379971642

We are going to hopefully have our split 10" album for sale by this time to. As far as some info on the split we just finished recording our Breathe Knives cover yesterday. This song is going to be very different then anything we've done so were pretty anxious to see what people think. All I will say for now is that it is maybe the heaviest thing we've ever recorded.

There is going to be lot's of Show and Releases news in the next couple of months so keep your eye on the blog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

April shows!

If you're in the Calgary area next month come check out these shows!!!
All shows are $10.

Saturday, April 9 @ Lord Nelsons

Gales of Avalon

Sunday, April 17 @ Dickens Pub

Awaken The Abstract
Train bigger monkeys

Saturday,April 30 @ Lord Nelsons

Adverse Reaction
Sedition Choir

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Touring and other news

We have posted our tour dates for this May's upcoming trek with Vancouver's Galgamex over at our Facebook page for everyone to check out. There may be another date added at a later time as well.

Dates and info here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kataplexis/157840206282

As far as the tour itself we are very stoked to be sharing the stage with Galgamex who are nothing
but bros to us. These guys know how to shred so it's going to be a battle every night.

As for our tour setlist we are going to be playing lot's of new songs from our forthcoming 10" split
with local bros, Breathe Knives. We also are gonna bust out some stuff that will appear on a future ep and our second full length that nobodies heard but us. We also are thinking about throwing in a new cover if
everything works out. Plus of course, select songs from "Insurrection".

We will be posting more info about the split, including artwork and release date in the next couple weeks.