Monday, April 18, 2011

Tour / Summer Dates, Split News and Video Teasers

Upcoming shows

April 30 / Calgary, AB 
Lord Nelsons 
Kataplexis w/ Sedition Choir and Adverse Reaction

May 13 / Calgary, AB
Verns Tavern
Kataplexis w/ Oh Shit, Galgamex, Desecrate The Gods and Gummers

May 14 / Airdrie, AB
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex

May 15 / TBA

May 16 / Armstrong, BC
The Branding Iron
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex and Xul

May 17 / Prince George, BC
The Knox Church
Kataplexis w/ Vein of Hinnom, Noordvall and Galgamex

May 18 / Williams Lake, BC
The Long House
Kataplexis w/ Embracing Torment and Galgamex

May 20 / Kamloops BC
Pogue Mahones
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex, Bridge Burner and Blood Drunk

May 21 / Vancouver, BC
The Media Club
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex, Nylithia and Xenocide

May 22 / Penticton, BC
Kataplexis w/ Galgamex, Finishymn and Tonight We Burn The Sky

June 18 / Calgary, AB
Lord Nelsons
Kataplexis w/ Akakor, Zuckuss and Golers

July 9 / Salmon Valley, BC
Slammin' In The Salmon Open Air Metalfest
Kataplexis w/ Southern Death Threat, Galgamex, Death Toll Rising, Blood Drunk + Others

Sept 3 / Vancouver, BC
Kataplexis w/ Akakor, Abriosis Galgamex and TBA

*More shows will be announced soon.

Split with Breathe Knives details

1.Fuckin' Hostie
2.Ripping Tacos
5.Rebreather (Breathe Knives cover)

The cover can be viewed on our Facebook profile here: 

We will post a song or two in a month or so and announce a release date around the same time.To check out
some footage of the sessions click below.